Introductory post

I’ve been working on these books since 2002. Originally, I planned a trilogy; I’ve now written four (Time for Tea, Time and Fevers, Time Goes By, and Not Time’s Fool) and am planning at least a fifth. More may be necessary depending on how many plot threads I manage to tie up in that one! I tend toward long books with convoluted stories (made increasingly twisted by the ability of my characters to move around in time), lots of literary references and semi-colons, and reasonable doses of action and romance. I do a lot of research and draw a lot of mental flowcharts (usually while walking: I think better when my legs are moving), but the most important part of writing to me is creating imaginary people and making them real. When authors say their books are “character-driven,” that’s what they mean: plot does not happen arbitrarily, it’s what the people in the books would realistically make happen. That’s what I’m aiming for. I hope you enjoy meeting my characters as much as I did.

Please have a look at the sample chapters and, if they intrigue you, stay tuned. I expect to have both e-book and print editions of Time for Tea available in December.



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