Files being reviewed…

I’m sure it gets less terrifying, if not less exciting, as time goes by (ha see what I did there), but I am currently afraid that CreateSpace is going to find many irredeemable things wrong with my just-uploaded interior and cover files, and that this time tomorrow I’m going to be wringing hands and pulling hair and all that pleasantly cliched stuff. Or that it will all seem to go fine but when I get the proof copy it’ll look horrible or be unreadable. (Did I make the font too small in an attempt to fit the book into 400 pages? And if I have to make it longer I’ll have to redo the cover, or at least widen the spine. And I do know the cover image doesn’t have high enough resolution, but there’s nothing I can do about that. Just generally, ack.)

If it goes well there might be a book happening fairly soon (like in a week or more soon, but still). I’ll start uploading ebook files tomorrow; that ought to be easier, but one never knows…


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