The book is live!

Time for Tea is now available as an ebook! You can buy it on Amazon Kindle or in other formats (epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb) on Smashwords. Price is $4.99 in both places.

I think the chapter heading formatting may be a little off in some versions, and I can’t figure out now how to fix it because it’s fine in the original file, and for a nitpicky person I really don’t care. It should not affect the reading experience.

From Smashwords the book should migrate to other ebook retailers (I’ll post when that happens). Print version will take a bit longer because of having to review the proof. I can’t predict a date because I don’t know how many changes I’ll need to make. I can tell you that it will cost at least $14.99 (it’s a long book; I can’t do anything about that) and that I net about the same amount no matter what format it’s in. But if you want a physical book in your hands, hang on; it’s coming eventually.

I’m relieved, happy, weirded out, and apprehensive all at once. Whew.


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