Update on print version

Just to let anyone know who’s waiting on the print version – I hope it will not be much longer. I got my proof in the mail yesterday, and have decided that the cover will do, for now at least, but the inside font really is too small. Also, I have discovered a number of what I won’t call typos because I typed them fine dammit – formatting errors, places where italics were stripped randomly. (These have showed up in the ebook versions too; I apologize to those who have been reading with them. I’ll upload new versions.)

So what I’m working on next is proofreading for those errors, and then reformatting the print copy with larger type. This will likely increase the page count and therefore the price; I’ll be able to tell you what that is when I’m finished, hopefully by Friday, and then if all goes well with that upload I’ll be able to declare the book available (though it will take a little while to actually “hit the shelves” at Amazon).

Thanks for your patience. This will all go more smoothly next time; experience is everything.


2 thoughts on “Update on print version

  1. Thomas Cole says:

    Hooray! Am waiting eagerly for print version, since most of the readers I have in mind do really do e-books yet…


  2. hedda62 says:

    Hi Carol – It is now available directly from CreateSpace (https://www.createspace.com/4553357) and from Amazon sometime next week.

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