Print version ready

You can now buy my book in print directly from CreateSpace. I’m not sure whether it’s better to wait another week or so to order from Amazon, but I thought I’d put the link out there. It will take a bit longer to get to European markets, I imagine.

It costs $16.50; I can’t do anything about that because of the length (468 pages!). After staring at the original proof for a while, I decided to increase the font size, which made it longer, but it wasn’t short to begin with. To me, it seems like a lot of money for a paperback, and a self-published one at that, but my friend Lisa wishes me to remind readers of a quote from one of John Dunning’s books: “A book has always cost about what a meal in a good restaurant costs. . . I get sick of hearing how expensive books are. Which would you rather have, a good book or a tender steak? I know what I’d take, seven days a week.” And it’s a nice thick meaty book, okay? Or you can think of it as a few vente frappucinos if you’d like.

That said, the ebook is just $4.99, so you have a choice.

Please drop me a note if you find typos and I will fix them in a later edition. These are mostly going to be places where italics should have happened and didn’t (or rather, where italics did happen and then were stolen away again on a random basis by a vengeful italics god). I think I’ve caught most of them, but some are likely still lurking. The errors make me itch, but should not interfere with reading pleasure unless you’re a professional proofreader, and then only on a few brief occasions.

Whew! And now on to more entertaining matters, I hope.


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