My policy on fanfic

… just for the record, is that I have no bloody right to have a policy on fanfic.

And ha, this is clearly a premature declaration considering that hardly anyone’s read my book yet, or this blog, and that most of the people who have are looking around perplexedly saying “what the hell is fanfic?” But it’s on my mind at the moment (for reasons many people in fandom understand) so I thought I’d articulate it all now and link back to it later once I figure out the best way to do that (along with that stuff about ratings from a few posts back. I need a “things you might want to know” page, I guess).

So – should I ever be lucky enough that someone out there wants to write fanfic based on my books, please go for it, but my permission should not be required. Once I have unleashed my characters on the unsuspecting world, they are free to get up to whatever anyone can talk them into doing. I can probably guess at some of that; and even if you could surprise or shock me, it’s not my business to stop you from writing it. I’m not very likely to read most of it (for various reasons including legal ones) but I do have spies, so never fear, I’ll know. And be extremely flattered.

On the other hand (while we are engaging in self-indulgent fantasy), if anyone ever turns my books into visual media of any variety, please for God’s sake do not ask the actors playing George and Halsey to read aloud erotic fanfiction involving their characters at a public event, just because you think it might be generally amusing. Jeez.


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