January update, and Goodreads

More coming soon, but a quick update to say two things:

1) I’m working on the last little bit that needed to be written of Time and Fevers, the second volume of the Waters of Time series. Then I can start final editing and formatting. Further announcements when they are ready to be announced, but my goal is to have the book available by the end of April. April 30 is George’s birthday, so I think that would be appropriate. Despite my having a big Grow It Eat It event a few days after that. Most of the prep work can be finished well ahead of time (for the book, I mean, though hopefully for both) so it’s doable.

2) I am on Goodreads now, both as an author and a reader, so join me there! I would appreciate it down to my bones if you reviewed my book, either there or on retail sites like Amazon, or shared it with friends on Facebook or, you know, actually face to face.

Speaking of which, I really need to acquire a decent author photo. I hate nearly all photographs of myself, so this is a challenge. Though I am rather fond of this one my friend Robin took of me proudly holding a purple pak choi. Probably not book cover material, though.



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