Upcoming task list, and favorite children


Things I still need to do before Time and Fevers is published:

  • Ebook files are finished, so just one more quick check for formatting issues
  • Add page numbers and drop caps to print file; check for errors
  • Create cover for both ebook and print versions (that’s the mockup above, but it’ll look pretty much like that)
  • Upload and proof print version
  • Upload ebook versions
  • Promote the heck out of it
  • Go live!

There’s a fair amount of fiddly work in there, and I don’t have a lot of spare time just now (oh, the plants in my life, let me tell you), so we’re still looking at late April. But it is almost done!

Meanwhile (because there are moments I can’t face fiddly work, especially involving image editing software) I am doing a close-to-final editing pass through Time Goes By, which will be published either late 2014 or early 2015. I think that writers are not supposed to have favorites among their books – it’s like picking a favorite child, and don’t tell me the slighted books don’t feel hurt – but still, I have to confess that Time Goes By is the book I love best out of the four I’ve written. Which doesn’t mean I don’t love the others – I’d hate to slight the one that’s already out or the one that’s just about to make its debut – and I’m sure readers will have their own preferences, but that’s the one that gives me, personally, the warmest feelings. It’s also the longest one, and the one in which I’m cruelest to the characters: matters that may or may not be related.

But, meanwhile, Time and Fevers! Also full of warm feelings and cruelty, not to mention tulips! You will hear it here first, when it’s ready.


One thought on “Upcoming task list, and favorite children

  1. Pat Kingsley says:

    Bravo! Can’t wait, but know there are a lot of balls in the air. Deep breath.

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