Linkage: tea, race, reading, and schooners

A few random links I keep meaning to share, before we move into Time and Fevers anticipation. Some of you on Facebook have seen some of these already.

27 items for tea lovers, on Buzzfeed. These are just fun, and some of them are practical.

PolicyMic article on National Geographic’s projection of America’s racially-mixed future. This is something like what I try to keep in the front of my mind while writing. And someday when I’m brave I’ll write a post about it.

A WashPost article on how the Internet is changing our reading brains, with reference to novels and the future. I agree that most of us tend to read differently now, and that it’s possible to regain our former ability to settle in with a long book. And I don’t think the balance is going to alter that much, though I am of course self-interested here, as a writer of long books about people who enjoy long books. Anyway, interesting if mostly anecdotal.

And finally, if you’d wondered where I got the Penthesilea from, here’s what she’s modeled on: the schooner Sultana, replica of an 18th-century British navy vessel, resident in Chestertown, MD, and used for youth education. In fact, given the timeline, the original Sultana, on being relieved of her anti-smuggling mission in 1772, could have been sold to Richard Halsey. It’s one of my little “headcanons” (along with George’s family connection to Patrick O’Brian’s characters, which I hope someone picked up on).


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