Sorry for the delay…

July was just… Julyish, but I’ve now completed the cover-fiddling and text-tweaking on Time for Tea, and the new version is available (or will be fairly soon) in the usual outlets. (It takes a while for it to filter through to retailers from Smashwords, and the print version may take a day or so to reappear on Amazon and longer elsewhere.) Not much has changed: the print cover is tidier (since I have Learned Things) and I’ve fixed a few typos and editing mistakes.

I’ll do the same for Time and Fevers (which has fewer typos) fairly soon. I’ll also be doing another editing pass through Time Goes By (which I’m hoping to publish in November – not going to change the “2015” target date on the website yet, because things do happen, but that’s the plan) and start thinking about the cover (and reading more of GIMP’s user manual so I can make it happen), and brainstorm plot for Book Five.

Also, back to posting here – I hope!


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