General update

I’ll be disappearing soon for two weeks in Italy (OMG) so no more posts for a while, but when I return there is much work to do. Here is where I am with regard to various books:

– Still promoting Time for Tea and Time and Fevers. If you’ve read them and you’d like to pass on the word, or write a review in a place you frequent, I would be extremely appreciative. Word of mouth is the primary means by which my work gets known. Grazie mille, amici.

– Edits on Time Goes By are complete, and I just need to format, create front and back matter, make a cover, and put it all together to upload. And then let everyone know I’ve done that! Again, helping me get the word out is much appreciated. Publication date: somewhere in mid-November.

– I’ve done more editing on Not Time’s Fool and one of my beta readers is going through it again (thanks, L!) to offer an opinion on what needs to be tweaked or rethought. Aiming for November 2015 on this one.

– Naught but a paragraph of Book Five (which needs a title posthaste) has been written, though I have a good bit of Chapter One in my head. Once TGB is released to the world I can concentrate on writing again, hurray!

I also need to remind myself that I have Twitter and Pinterest accounts – I never put up the rest of the pins for TAF, for one thing. Keeping up with social media is a constant task at which I often fail, but I’ll figure out how to make it all work someday.

See you in a few weeks!


2 thoughts on “General update

  1. Pat Kingsley says:

    A “few weeks” in Italy? Fantastic! A new venue for a book perhaps? Have a wonderful time in a magical place.

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