Life has never been so complicated…

I am telling a complete falsehood when I say this, but the hardest thing about writing a book is trying to craft an appealing back-cover blurb afterwards, not to mention the whole front matter-back matter thing, dedications, acknowledgments, about the author oh help and bother. At least, it seems that way when you’re in the middle of doing it.

Anyway, this is where the blurb for Time Goes By stands at the moment:

Kidnapping, intrigue, technological crises, personal struggles: life has never been so complicated for the employees of Constantine and Associates. George Merrill undertakes a desperate quest through time to find his beloved Olivia Lake, while his colleagues follow their own paths to the same goal, traveling from Moscow to Dunkirk, from Washington to Paris to Casablanca. Andy Bishop explores a perilous political landscape, Beatrice Rivas makes the longest journey of her life, and Olivia fights her own battles, stranded amid the bombs and bloodshed of the Second World War. But something—or someone—is drawing the time-traveling comrades toward a fateful reunion.

Stand by for kvetching about cover design and remembering how to make the page numbers work. The life of a self-publisher…


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