I have a cover! Or rather, covers – this is the first time I’m using a slightly different cover design for the print and ebook versions. For Time Goes By, I started design with the idea of using a background relating to the WWII setting, and also an image (which I found and downloaded under license from 123RF) of a broken violin (you will see why when you read the book). This is the resulting print cover image:

TGB cover final

(I cannot help pointing out that the background image dates from 1944 and is thus anachronistic to my 1940-41 setting. But the planes look like birds in just the right way, and the ship, which is likely entirely wrong for the time and place, will be mostly concealed by a barcode.)

Usually I just take the front cover portion and use it for the ebook cover, but in this case there wasn’t enough context left for the background photo, so I extracted the violin image:

TGB ebook cover

I still put off cover design much too long because I’m nervous about doing it, but each time gets a little easier. And now I am ready to upload, so if everything goes well I hope to make a publication announcement in a few days. (If it doesn’t go well, it’ll be longer.)


One thought on “Covers!

  1. Natasha says:

    I love the planes-that-look-like-birds and the broken violin! It’s perfect for the tone of the book.

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