Apologies and formatting: important if you’ve bought the TGB print version!

It seems that I cannot put out a book without having some sort of formatting crisis. I really do learn from my mistakes, but somehow new curve balls are always thrown and I haven’t learned to hit them yet, or some other less sports-related metaphor. Anyway:

1) The print version of Time Goes By slipped by my screening with poorly-arranged margins, and ended up with no page numbers and a thin slice of text cut off the bottom of some pages. It is still readable – no words are missing – but the issues may be distracting. I just discovered the problem, and have uploaded a new and hopefully fixed version, so the book is currently unavailable until the review process is complete (a few days, if all goes well).

If you have purchased this less-than-perfect edition and want a replacement, contact me and I will send you one. I need to order them, so it’ll take a couple of weeks.

2) The ebook version is fine, but a minor and invisible formatting error made the EPUB version fail an automated check, which  has delayed the distribution to retailers such as iTunes, Nook and Kobo. I am pretty sure I’ve fixed the problem, but am still waiting on Smashwords to confirm this. All ebook formats are available for download directly from Smashwords, if you want to go that way rather than buying from a retailer. The distribution will take a few days to a week once the new file passes inspection.

3) I’ll leave the ebook discount for Time for Tea and Time and Fevers in place through December.


5 thoughts on “Apologies and formatting: important if you’ve bought the TGB print version!

  1. Roni Brown says:

    Hi Erica, I did purchase the Amazon Kindle addition and thought something was a little odd but just left it at that. I’ve been enjoying the series! I think I can live with it!

    • hedda62 says:

      If you notice anything particular please let me know! As far as I know the Kindle edition is not affected by what I noted above, but I’m always happy to know of errors. Thanks!

  2. Bill Zaccagnino says:

    Erica, I bought the paper copy from Amazon and looked at t after your posting and see the printing problem you described. At first, I thought I would live with it, but being a bibliophile I started twitching at the thought. I would like a corrected copy, but, having said that, I don’t want it to be an expense to you. So if the printer is “eating the cost,” I’d like a new copy, but if you have to, I can live with the copy I have. Assuming the former is the case, the easier way for the exchange would be for you to leave a copy at Irene’s house (I’m her brother) and I’ll leave my copy there for you.

    Let me know what you suggest. Thanks.


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