Link roundup!

So I am going to try to collect links to post here when I have nothing else to say (or have been unable to achieve coherence). We’ll see how that goes (I am not caught up on Pinterest either, and don’t always remember to log the interesting when it fleets across my screen). Anyway, here’s what I have in the bookmark folder at the moment:

Famous Author Bios, from The Toast. “Gabriel Garcia is very bad at writing bios. It runs in his family. No Marquez has written a bio well, and for this they have been cursed for generations.” Shakespeare’s is also entertaining.

Does Sex Make Science Fiction “Soft”? from Uncanny Magazine. The “Spaceship Love Cooties Thing.”

I neglected to celebrate December 16 here this year, but it is of course the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party and hence of the opening of Time for Tea. You’ve probably read a fair amount about the BTP, but did you know about the (possibly apocryphal) Chestertown (MD) Tea Party? Find out more at the Chestertown Tea Party Festival page. I went to this once and it was a lot of fun; maybe I’ll try to go again.


December 16 is also Beethoven’s birthday, as Schroeder from Peanuts has told us many times, so have a YouTube of Joshua Bell playing the Violin Concerto in Vienna. (It’s fun to watch this because you realize just how long the violin soloist has to wait for their entrance in the first movement, standing around awkwardly and pre-soulful.) This is Sam Brant’s favorite piece of music (one of mine, too). Did Sam actually play this in college, as George did (disastrously) with the Haydn Opus 20 quartets, or just write his thesis on it? I suspect the latter, because it’s a huge challenge for a young violinist, but then Sam was something of a prodigy.

While we’re on music, I thought this was interesting: Some of Bach’s great masterpieces were composed by his wife. I do try to make note of things someone might want to go back and investigate through time travel, and I hope the funding to check this one out would be available.

cat devilAnother Toast piece, less funny than the above one: The Devil in Disguise: The Cat in the West. If you squirmed at a certain happening in Time and Fevers, better not read this (although it’s always good to face the horrible things human beings are capable of). By the way, it may be a myth that black cats have a harder time getting adopted, but that’s no reason not to protect them. *hugs own black cat*

On a cheerier animal-related note, of relevance to Time Goes By, The Great Passenger Pigeon Comeback.

absalon2012I think I may have mentioned Old House Gardens here before, but here’s their heirloom tulip bulb page for a non-timely reminder (it’s past time to plant bulbs for this year, but you can start planning for next year or just look at the pretty pictures). These are expensive but rare and beautiful tulips, including some broken ones – I mean to get some in the ground at some point, if I can figure out places where the deer won’t eat them.

And on the subject of pretty (or at least fascinating) images, take some time to explore the Public Domain Review, especially if you want to find some media that can be used royalty-free. But really, just browse.


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