In lieu of real content, links

I haven’t posted here in a while! I’ve been distracted from writing (and blogging) by all the stuff that needs doing to prepare for the spring in Master Gardener World. Ironically, once the spring finally begins (I am looking out at the remnants of an ice storm at the moment) I’ll be more able to get words down, along with plants in the ground.

So, in the meanwhile, here are some incredibly random links I’ve been collecting.

Two Bored Coworkers Recreate Famous Paintings Using Their Office Supplies. I am a little doubtful that some of these props exist in an ordinary office, but Constantine and Associates would have them around, yes? I can see George and Bernard doing this during one of the periods they weren’t suspicious of each other.

Food bloggers redo centuries-old recipes for modern cooks. These recipes are transcribed from handwritten documents – a lot of work to interpret and then translate to something we could make with ingredients and techniques available today.

Books That Predicted the Future, a handy chart.

On MLK Day, Two Versions of the South Collide. Why cherry-picking the past doesn’t work.

Oregon Was Founded as a Racist Utopia – something Andy ought to know.

Click-baity title, kinda fun post about how time is relative.

And last week’s news, the thing about how Asian gerbils were the likely plague reservoir. I’ve seen and heard this misrepresented too many times – we are not exonerating rats from spreading the plague – so this is a short but I think pretty accurate summary. My mind goes immediately to how one would plan a time jump to investigate this sort of hypothesis.

Enjoy! More real content soon, I promise.


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