Links! (content coming soon)

I’m terribly out of the habit of blogging here – though I do have posts in mind and perhaps will have a chance to write them soon. Meanwhile, here are the contents of my links folder for your enjoyment.

Serious things first:

There have been so many good articles, blogs, etc. on race relations in the last year, and I should link to all of them, but here’s the one that landed in my folder: White America’s Racial Illiteracy. This is a good summary of the kind of stuff I try to keep in mind, not just in my own life but in the context of writing about the future and the past: what’s the same, what’s changed, what is destined to be part of the conversation forever.

A fascinating interactive map about the slave trade over time.

And here is an only-half-funny post about sexual consent and tea.

The rest is miscellany somehow related to my books:

Instrument or tea? The quiz. I did… okay on this.

Tulip-shaped street furniture.

A fat cat invading famous art.

Identifying the Vegetable in Marvell’s ‘My Vegetable Love.’ This was fascinating to my food history-loving self, whether or not I really believe it.

The link between Nina Rotenberg’s family violin, sunspots and global climate. If you’ve wondered why Stradivarius made such wonderful violins.

D-Day Landing Pictures That Bring the Past and Present Together. This is like time travel illustrated.

Watch this space. I promise to be back soon.


One thought on “Links! (content coming soon)

  1. Antonia says:

    Glad to see you! Hope all is well. 🙂

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