But then again, too few to mention

Happy 100th birthday, Frank Sinatra! And by the way, Beatrice still wants to murder you.

Which is a joke you’ll get when Not Time’s Fool is available, sometime next month. (I think.) I’m looking forward to sharing this one with you. The joke I could explain now without spoilers, but boy it’s hard to tease a fourth book when some people out there haven’t read earlier ones. Let’s just say it’ll take you traveling to New Hampshire, South Carolina, China, Malaysia, and the Spaces Between; you’ll reencounter some secondary characters from previous books, and get to know some members of the Constantine and Associates staff better – and you’ll also learn a lot more about the man you’re probably still thinking of as Friedman. And then there are the fairy tales.

Meanwhile, I have posts in the works about global warming (dreaming of a white Christmas, indeed), Godwin’s Law and other detritus of World War Two, and bashing characters for fun and profit – but for the moment let’s just have a (thematically appropriate) song.


5 thoughts on “But then again, too few to mention

  1. Bill Zaccagnino says:

    Erica, I’ve read all three and am waiting for the fourth. It
    s time and I’m no fool.

  2. Antonia says:

    Overjoyed to hear the new one is on the way! Was starting to think a re-read of 1-3 was in order!

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