TAF new cover, plus “howlers”

Next in the sequence, Time and Fevers will have a gap in availability as the typo-corrected versions (both print and ebook) make their way through processing, and the print version gets a new cover:

taf cover feb 2016 final

(The ebooks keep the same cover with the Semper Augustus print. The new background is a pen-and-wash by Gerrit Berckheyde called The Bend in the Herengracht.)

I do try to fix typos and similar minor errors, but otherwise I go along with Dorothy L. Sayers’ Harriet Vane, who cheerfully admitted (in chapter 3 of Gaudy Night; I note this in case other people are looking for the quote and wanting someone to cite it already dammit) that she hasn’t produced a book without six major howlers, and doesn’t correct them even when they’re identified. So you will still find, on page one, George hearing an interval that doesn’t exist (the minor fifth – or, technically, it does exist but he’s unlikely to distinguish it) though the mistake was pointed out by a helpful reader – who was nice enough to say that the rest of my writing about music makes sense to a musician. I’m sure there are plenty of other similar oopsies and quite likely some howlers, but one does have to provide some concrete material for complaints.

At some point I’ll go through Time Goes By for typos and perhaps fiddle with the cover a bit, but in the interim I think I’d prefer to do some writing!


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