Valentine’s Day snippet


Excerpt from chapter one of Time Goes By:

Marisol opened the bag, looking suspicious. The chocolates prompted a faint smile, the other box a quizzical frown. She shook a small candy heart into her hand, and read the words on it. “‘You’re history.’”

It would be that one first. “Go on.”

She shook out another. “‘Jump me.’ Inconsistent message, George.” Another. “‘Make time for me.’” Two more. “‘Any time, baby.’ ‘Hottest in history.’ Oh, I get it.” She popped “hottest in history” into her mouth and sucked. “How’d you know I’ve been craving sugar?” she produced indistinctly.

“Experience,” he said. “Anyway, I thought they were cute. It’s a new line. I got them for people in the office, too. Don’t think I’ll pass them out at the meeting with the boss today, though.”

She giggled. “I’d like to see Charles Constantine’s face when you invite him to ‘jump to my place.’ Here, you have some.” He held out his hand and she let several hearts fall out of the box. “What do they say?”

“‘Past you by.’ P-A-S-T. Ha. ‘Out of date.’ Dealt me quite a hand here. What’s this one? ‘George Merrill is a time-jumping loser.’”

“It does not say that.”

“You’ll never know,” he told her, eating it. “And then there’s…” He squinted at the last little heart, and his sank. “Same as the one before, really.” His voice betrayed him, though.

“George? What is it?” Marisol took the piece of candy from his hand. “‘Past tense,’” she read, and looked at him questioningly.

“Olivia always complained about the verb tenses when we jumped,” he said, not really explaining.


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