Raised Beds and Petticoats: more Pinterest stuff

I am mostly trying to write actual book words these days, rather than post anything here, but for fun (because pricking out the seedling stage of a novel is fiddly and messy and not fun) I’m also putting stuff up on the Time Goes By Pinterest board. I’m about halfway through the book, and not unexpectedly this one is the busiest and weirdest and most eclectic of the three, and I have completely flummoxed the poor Pinterest algorithm, which a week ago was still confidently and gleefully offering me “Raised Beds and Petticoats pins!” via email (I also have a gardening board) but now just has no clue what I want it to give me. She seems to like birds! I’ll give her birds! And World War II airplanes, plus Dunkirk! Old maps, European travel… um, permaculture, raised beds made out of cinderblocks, and somehow I think she likes bees, plus owls! Owl boxes are good. And lots of petticoats. Endless supplies of petticoats. Boston tourist info! Vintage advertisements! Violins? Puffins! Puffins in petticoats flying airplanes, playing violins and growing rutabagas! That’s the ticket!

chessboard alice

Also she likes chess for some reason!!

I am expecting lots of Eddie Redmayne photos tomorrow. I don’t really care much about Eddie Redmayne, but I put up a photo of one of his eyes because it’s green like George’s and Bert’s. But if Pinterest finds a picture of Eddie Redmayne petting a puffin, it’s going to wet its little pants with joy. It lives to serve. It’s adorable.


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