Links post

As items vaguely relevant to my books come across my computer screen, I sometimes remember to bookmark them so I can stick them here in the middle of a posting drought. (It’s spring. I’ve been busy.) So here you go:

In the category of April Fool’s Day Wishful Thinking, here’s the Duolingo Pillow. My characters learn new languages with a touch more trouble, though with the help of memory enhancers which I would love to have.

(Incidentally, autocorrect wants Duolingo to be Dueling; a Dueling Pillow also sounds like a good plan.)

This article on women composers does not mention Maddalena Laura Lombardini, but it’s educational nonetheless.

Two art links: how to recognize the artist of a painting, and Dante Casually Running Into Beatrice In Art History. (More relevant Mallory Ortberg art posts: Women Trying to Say “No” Politely in Western Art History (which reminds me that it was Andrew Marvell’s birthday yesterday – cheers, and no, that wasn’t Time’s winged chariot, I think it was just the ice-cream truck…), and Orpheus Rescuing Eurydice, In Order of Rescuing.)

History of the world graphics. I always love those “who was alive at the same time – surprise!” presentations.

Funny Dutch expressions.

Is the Great Auk a Candidate for De-Extinction?

Hybrid airships.

Have a wonderful April!


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