The Waters of Time Series

Volume One: Time for Tea

working tft cover image

The year is 2173, and with celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the American Revolution getting underway, business is booming at time travel consulting firm Constantine and Associates. Still, the last thing Olivia Lake expects on her first day of work is to be thrust into preparation for a time jump, in partnership with the dashing and apology-prone George Merrill. Their destination: London, 1773, to retrieve a pound of Bohea leaf destined for the Boston Tea Party. Before long, Olivia is immersed in danger, string quartets and love triangles amongst tea smugglers in the South of England, trying to stay afloat and do her job despite George’s unpredictability and the secrets shadowing their quest. Are those secrets linked to Olivia’s clandestine search for a missing Constantine and Associates employee: her husband, Bernard Quan?

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Volume Two: Time and Fevers

time and fevers ebook cover small

Olivia Lake’s search for her missing husband continues, as she and time-jumping partner George Merrill venture into the world of tulip traders, spice merchants and theatre lovers in 17th-century Amsterdam. Meanwhile, new players on the time travel stage make surprise entrances, and the employees of Constantine and Associates face the dangers posed by mysterious conspirators, unanticipated market forces, and their own hearts.

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“The Opposite of an Epitaph”

opposite cover

A short story set in the Waters of Time universe: George Merrill recovers from an injury in a barn outside of Philadelphia in September 1752, immediately after eleven days that never happened.

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Volume Three: Time Goes By

TGB ebook cover

Kidnapping, intrigue, technological crises, personal struggles: life has never been so complicated for the employees of Constantine and Associates. George Merrill undertakes a desperate quest through time to find his beloved Olivia Lake, while his colleagues follow their own paths to the same goal, traveling from Moscow to Dunkirk, from Washington to Paris to Casablanca. Andy Bishop explores a perilous political landscape, Beatrice Rivas makes the longest journey of her life, and Olivia fights her own battles, stranded amid the bombs and bloodshed of the Second World War. But something—or someone—is drawing the time-traveling comrades toward a fateful reunion.

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Volume Four: Not Time’s Fool

not times fool ebook cover

Janet Lapinski has always known she was adopted as an infant from the far side of the world, until that story is retold by a genetic test and a mysterious visit by a time-traveler. Soon she and her fellow Constantine and Associates employees find themselves journeying to lands as distant as 17th-century Malaysia and 22nd-century South Carolina, caught up in a search for truth and family, pursued by security agents and with one man’s complicated existence tying time into knots and fairy tales as Janet fights to keep both their destinies intact.

Read sample chapters here.


Volume Five: The Seed Time

TST ebook cover

As political tensions rise in 2176 America, time travel is stirring up the race-related sins of the past. Investigating alterations to history during the Revolutionary War, George Merrill and Andy Bishop find their newly-restored friendship severely tested, and the challenges continue at home: mysterious disappearances, painful family conflict, unwelcome publicity, and strange happenings at the Time Travel Institute. Seeds sown decades before are breaking dormancy: the awakening of an intelligence that relies on humans to flourish and spread, and that threatens the stability of time itself.

Read the first chapter here.

5 thoughts on “The Waters of Time Series

  1. TIme for Tea was the first book I bought for my shiny new Nook, and when I finished it last night, I immediately bought Time & Fevers. I was very involved with the characters and their situation, and (very rare nowadays), was thinking and wondering about them while I was at work. Looking forward to continuing on!

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